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Specialist Care Homes- We re-financed two existing specialist LD care homes after the existing bank refused to help, and used the equity to fund home number three. Deal size £1.4 million. 

Property Businesses- We Refinanced two residential and commercial sites for the same client to a new lender to allow them additional time to restructure and sell some of the units. Deal size £2.1 million. 

Property Client- Due to tax changes, we transferred some property held in the client's sole name to a new lender who re-financed via a limited company. Deal size £340 thousand. 

New Holiday Let Client- Raised funding to allow the clients to purchase and renovate a disused mill into holiday lets to accommodation large groups. Debt size £325 thousand.

HMO Property Client- Equity release and cash raise at 75% LTV on a large HMO, interest only facility of £900 thousand.

GP Practise- Raised 100% funding to allow two GPs to purchase practice property from retiring partners. Loan of £635 thousand at sub 2% interest margin. 

Multi-tenanted Business Park- Assisted a client in moving this facility from their main trading business into a new property spv ahead of trade sale. Debt size £635 thousand.

Café/Holiday Let Business-  Raised funds to allow café tenant to purchase freehold business premises and convert first floor into new holiday let. Facility £15 thousand. 

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